Top 12… Nay… Top 13 Reviews

Last night was disappointing on SO many levels!  First of all, a storm came through and totally knocked out my reception for the first several performances, so I’ve had to just piece them together from what I can find on the internet.

Also, I am only 10 days away from getting married, so I’m totally distracted right now from being my usual, maniacal, bitter, angry, insulting self.

That being said… here’s what I have come up with:

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Becoming One of Them

Last Saturday my fiance and I attended a church meeting.  Afterwards, we were starving, so we went where any decent Mormon would go after a Saturday church meeting – Braums.

While at Braums, one other person came over to us and introduced themselves, asking what congreagation we were from.  We said we were from the Dallas 11th Ward, but would be moving to the Wylie 2nd Ward soon.  They were estatic… and asked us to join them – two couples who had gone together to the same meeting.

They apologized for ignoring us, but I said – “no it’s OK – we are used to being in our own little world.”

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Mormons Made Simple

Thanks to Axe for the tip on this website, Mormons Made Simple.

Generally, people rarely take the time to clearly explain the main tenants of the LDS/Mormon faith, and as a result most of the general public know very little about our core beliefs.

Although I think  the illustrations in these movies are super-corny, they do get at the core facts of my religion, without editorial and without overwrought musical underscoring either.

As I’ve repeatedly stated, I find my religion just as unbelievable as any other religion on the earth. I don’t insist that anyone believe what I believe, I only insist that they become factually educated so that when we discuss religion, we can do so in an educated, respectful manner, rather than working from a slanted, incomplete view of my faith.