P.S. A Dream

I had a dream last night that Simon Cowell actually read my blog.

How did I know he read my blog?  Because he took a direct quote from it and said it on American Idol.

I was honored, but a little upset that he didn’t properly credit me.

Simon, if you’re out there, please know you can use my material any time, just make sure you give me my proper 2 minutes of fame.

Thank you,


Top 2 Idols Reviewed

Well, tonight’s Idol finale was… well… anti-climactic for me.  Ever since the Top 36, we’ve all just wondered who was going to be in this episode with Adam Lambert…

The judges certainly made no bones about who they were supporting all year.  Paula basically did everything but tattoo his name to her forehead. Kara painted her fingernails black – I wonder who she’s voting for…

Enough about them, though.  Let’s get to the Idols…

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