Miss me?

Well, I’m more than halfway through my vacation, and I am proud to report that I have stimulated the economy now in 3 states.

President Bush and our lovely Congress gave we single people $600 to stimulate the economy, so here is a small sampling of my economic stimulus activities:

  • Plane ticket to DFW/LA/SLC/DFW
  • $1 for ticket to Wicked and $105 for Ticketmaster fees
  • $40 for a bag of animal crackers, Reeses pieces, and a 12 oz bottle of water in the airport
  • $90 for tickets to “Get Smart” at the movie theater, and $900 more large refillable popcorn, which made me sick to my stomach 3 hours later
  • 3 Double-Doubles at In and Out Burger one of which resulted in a gastrointestinal episode
  • $53 for parking at Wicked
  • $20 for a 3oz of Sprite and 41oz of ice at the theater last night
  • $9,000,000 for gas from LA to Utah

Thank you, world, for the wonderful things you offer me!

5 thoughts on “Miss me?”

  1. Who knew Wicked was so cheap? Ticketmaster really is of the devil isn’t it? I love animal crackers. Oh, and yes, you’re missed.

  2. I agree that any price for a double double is worth it. And let’s not lie, Ticketmaster is second only the IRS in gouging people. Did you love the Pantages theatre though? I believe that alone is worth the price of admission. Even that theatre probably can not cover the price of concessions though. $20 is pretty steep for some that much Sprit, even if it was very cold. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you were allowed to stimulate the economy. The government decided I wasn’t worth the time- probably since I’d spend it all on un-taxable grocery items. I’m curious to know if your plane ticket was more or less than the 9 big ones you spent on gas. 😛

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